Boost Your Stream's Engagement with OneGift Gifts and Alerts 🎉

Enhance your stream and show your appreciation for your fans by displaying an in-stream notification when someone buys an item for you using OneGift's stream alerts through a browser-source. This feature is compatible with most broadcasting software that supports browser alerts, so you can receive gifts on OneGift while streaming on platforms such as Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube.

tinapahy – best bread content creator of Oasis Gaming

Want to set up OneGift stream alerts for your OBS or other streaming platform? Follow these steps:

Download the latest version of OBS software and create a new scene by clicking the '+' in the 'Scenes' pane on the bottom left of the screen.

In the 'Sources' pane, click '+' to add a new source. Select 'Browser' as the source. Note: You may need the latest version of OBS or a plugin for 'Browser' to be an option.

Name the source for easy identification

paste in your personal alert URL in the following format: (for example: and then click 'OK'. This URL will link your OneGift account to the stream alerts in your broadcasting software.

Your OneGift gift alerts will now be displayed in your scene. You can position them anywhere you like, just be sure that the red frame is fully visible in your scene so the stream alert can be properly displayed.