How to add products to your wish list?

Log in to the creator portal, navigate to the 'Gifts' section, and select 'Add a gift'. Fill in the gift title, price (including shipping costs in USD), description, and the source (link to the merchant or e-commerce platform that sells the product). You can also add an image of the product.

I get an error when adding a product to the wish list?

Here are some common errors to check: make sure the source is a valid URL, and that the product image is less than 1 megabyte in size.

How to set the item price?

When setting the item price, please ensure that you include the item price and shipping costs in USD. If a fan purchases a gift for you and the item price has increased from the original set price, we will offer a payout of the amount paid by the fan.

How do you make money?

We generate revenue by applying a markup to the product prices, which helps cover the costs associated with maintaining our platform and facilitating payment processing. The exact percentage of this markup may vary depending on a number of factors, including the value of the gift being purchased.

How does shipment work and do you offer payouts?

Upon a fan purchasing a gift for you, we will reach out to you for your delivery address. We also offer payouts via PayPal if desired.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to many countries including Singapore, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Brazil, and many more. If we don't ship to your country, we will offer a payout via PayPal instead.

What online stores do you support?

We support the majority of e-commerce platforms and stores online. If we do not support a particular store, we will offer a payout of the gift instead of shipment.